How We Operate

At Aptus Clinical, we put the Customer at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and wider governance. We have processes and procedures in place to ensure compliance with all regulations and good practice guidelines which govern clinical research and data protection. Aptus have been working hard to ensure:

  • We protect and safeguard personal data
  • The rights of individuals, customers and partners are protected
  • Clear policies govern how we store and process data
  • A quality service through our operating procedures and transparent policies

If you would like to read more about how we protect you privacy both in person and online please see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for more information.

Corporate and Clinical Governance

A fit for purpose structure that is robust, flexible and risk based. This incorporates the following elements:

Fully integrated QMS
  • Regulatory Compliant and robust QMS
  • Fit for purpose and flexible with modular approach
  • Highly professional QMS system
  • Supported by an interactive roadmap and flexible documentation toolkits
  • Highly experienced team to support and advise
GDPR by design
  • All systems, processes and policies reviewed to ensure GDPR compliance
  • GDPR principles incorporated within the Governance Framework e.g. audit programme, risk management
  • Our contractual and due diligence measures incorporate GDPR requirements
  • Regular review of GDPR and processes and procedures required to remain complaint
Risk Management
  • Fully integrated Risk Management process
  • Issue Escalation to drive continuous assurance
  • Corrective Action and Preventative Action Process to drive compliance and Continuous Improvement
  • Protecting patient safety in a professional and efficient manner
  • Protecting data integrity for regulatory submissions
Integrated Audit Programme
  • Robust oversight of internal systems and processes
  • Diligent oversight of supplier systems, processes and performance
  • Continuous improvement approach
  • Work with industry professionals with a range of backgrounds
  • Enabling a rounded approach to all activities Aptus completes