Corporate and Clinical Governance

A fit for purpose structure that is robust, flexible and risk based. This incorporates the following elements:

Fully integrated QMS

  • Regulatory Compliant and robust QMS
  • Fit for purpose and flexible
  • Supported by an interactive roadmap and flexible documentation toolkits

GDPR by design

  • All systems, processes and policies reviewed to ensure GDPR compliance
  • GDPR principles incorporated within the Governance Framework e.g. audit programme, risk management
  • Our contractual and due diligence measures incorporate GDPR requirements

Risk Management

  • Fully integrated Risk Management process
  • Issue Escalation to drive continuous assurance
  • Corrective Action and Preventative Action Process to drive compliance and Continuous Improvement

Integrated Audit Programme

  • Robust oversight of internal systems and processes
  • Diligent oversight of supplier systems, processes and performance
  • Continuous improvement