Paula Roberts, Business Services Manager


A Day in the Life of Paula Roberts, Business Services Manager at Aptus Clinical

“The fact that I have no such thing as a typical day, is just one of the things I love about working at Aptus Clinical” says Paula Roberts, Business Services Manager.

To say Paula’s day is varied is an understatement – her first job after arriving in the office is to start the TV loop! This runs all day and creates an interesting and informative background, highlighting upcoming events, company news, engaging photos from the various company social events and a recognition of individual achievements.

“I then check my emails, consult my own and the directors’ diaries and start planning for the day. After that, I’m prepared for everything!” Paula’s role at Aptus Clinical also includes Health and Safety and HR, the latter of which has grown exponentially since Paula joined two years ago and so can dominate some days. “Recruitment can take up a lot of time, especially if we have a new starter to on-board with due diligence and inductions.”

Paula also attends meetings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, most of which require advanced preparation. “For example, I coordinate our monthly communications group meetings where we discuss various internal and external strategies with our PR company and medical communications agency. I ensure everyone involved does what they need to in order to meet any deadlines. I am also part of the Executive Team which meets monthly and attend monthly Board meetings which invariably require pre-work, sending out Board packs and ensuring everyone is fully prepared”.

Another of Paula’s roles is Office Manager, and an achievement of which she is particularly proud is their office relocation. “The company has always been located at Alderley Park, but previously we were scattered over several offices. When we decided to move here, we needed to plan the layout and purchase furniture. It also involved co-ordinating IT, sourcing a telephone system and ensuring meetings rooms were fully resourced with the latest technology. The logistics were challenging and there was a lot to coordinate and I don’t think my daily step count has ever been higher!  Still it was worth the effort as our offices are amazing and the teams love the working environment here. I will never tire of the amazing panoramic views we have!”.

The office move required a close working relationship with the Alderley Park team and this has continued. “We take advantage of the courses and updates that the Alderley Park team offer. I attend whenever I can, so that the information I receive can be shared within Aptus. As a company we work hard to keep the small office-family feel and I think it works; we recently conducted an independent and anonymised employee survey – the results confirmed we have an exceptionally strong and positive company culture.”

So, what is it that Paula enjoys most about her job? “Variety and challenge without doubt. Something always crops up that is unexpected, which means I have to review my priorities. The business needs often change at short notice, be that a new pitch or a client deciding to run a trial in a different part of the world and needing us to ‘make it happen’. The Business Services team provide support across all of the business functions to deliver a diverse range of business support services and work hard to continually improve its efficiency and value add to the business; It is an exciting and rewarding challenge”.

Paula also appreciates the opportunities that are available at Aptus Clinical. “Our three co-founding directors are keen to reward and promote internally (as they did with me) as well as recruit externally. The office is another positive – it’s a fantastic, spacious open-plan environment with several separate meeting rooms, a board room and flexible break-out areas – not to mention the balcony and patio area. There is also a great café and open seating area in the atrium below where we can meet with colleagues over a coffee and catch up with what’s happening throughout the site”.

Then before I know it, it’s time to go home. “Where did the day go? Once again, I haven’t got to the end of my ‘to do’ list…maybe I will tomorrow”.